Planet Organic adopt EDI PLUS' Fully Managed service

Planet Organic select the EDI PLUS fully managed EDI service

Planet Organic Ltd a London based organic food retailer, has implemented the EDI PLUS fully managed and outsourced EDI service, to connect electronically with their major suppliers.

Being new to EDI, Planet Organic were looking for a provider who would take complete ownership of the implementation of the project for them and the EDI PLUS service ticked all of the boxes.

"We were looking to streamline the store ordering process to our major supplier and also to improve the visibility we had of incoming deliveries and ultimately the receipt and matching of the suppliers invoices”. said Eric Adatia, Finance Director, Planet Organic. “Outsourcing the project to EDI PLUS allowed us to take advantage of their expertise in an area that we were new to. EDI PLUS owned the project from initial requirement all the way through to the successful go-live and were also the main point of contact for our supplier throughout the whole process. This meant that our involvement in the adoption of EDI was minimal, which was exactly the approach we wanted to take."

By adopting EDI PLUS' service Planet Organic have been able to take advantage of all of the benefits an outsourced solution provides, such as the team to deliver the project, the supplier on-boarding, and the technical mapping and data transfer for each system.

"Outsourcing EDI to a Managed Service provider is now the preferred approach for many organisations and businesses. EDI can add real business value, it can increase collaboration, drive efficiencies and increase accuracy, and these benefits need to be realised quickly and easily. Trying to achieve this in-house can often result in projects never getting the approval to be started due to resource constraints, and if they do start, they can often over run in both time and budget.” said Andrew Ziff, Sales and Account Manager at EDI PLUS. “Our EDI PLUS service boasts the expertise to deliver projects on time and in budget, and we are delighted to have been able to provide our services to Planet Organic."


EDI PLUS provide Software, Solutions and Services to organisations to help them run their businesses better. The EDI PLUS service is a fully managed and outsourced EDI solution providing electronic business to business message integration to enhance supply chain collaboration between trading partners. EDI PLUS have been providing EDI services since 1996 and have customers throughout the world. Overlaying EDI, we have developed a series of collaborative applications that allow for collaboration across many different processes and provide the services to support them. EDI PLUS add real value, by providing real solutions to real problems.

About Planet Organic

A one-stop shop full of all the right choices, Planet Organic is a health food haven with organic fruit & vegetables, organic bread from artisan London bakeries, only organic meat and sustainable fish from British waters. With an over-flowing groceries range full of gluten-free, dairy-free, raw food and healthy options, and a Health & Bodycare department stocking the best natural beauty brands and a wide range of high quality health supplements.

When Planet Organic opened its doors in 1995, it was Renée Elliott's dream to offer the best and widest range of organic foods available, and her mission to promote health in the community and to bring a sense of discovery and adventure into food shopping. As most food production becomes increasingly industrialised, Planet Organic wanted to bring back a sense of food that you can trust.

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Why choose EDI PLUS?

  • Fully managed, hosted service
  • Flexible any-to-any solutions
  • Very high customer satisfaction
  • 20+ years’ industry experience
  • Clear, transparent pricing
  • All data held within the UK
  • UK-based customer support

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