EDI Plus are approved by GS1's Partnership Program

EDI Plus are pleased to announce that we have been approved by GS1’s Partnership Program. The services that have been certified are:

  • Our EDI Service
  • Our Peppol Service
  • Our Vendor-managed Inventory Service 

The recent relaunch of their Partnership Program ensures that participants are fully aligned with the growing influence of GS1 standards. 

GS1 partners are now certified far more rigorously than before. Not only do we have to show an extensive understanding of all forms of GS1 coding standards – GLNs, GTINs, numerous Barcode formats, etc, etc – but we also need to demonstrate that the services we provide comply with these standards. Acceptance as a GS1 partner, therefore, is testament to the capabilities of our software services in line with these important standards and procedures.

The Department of Health continue to maintain a close working relationship with GS1, demanding compliance with their standards for NHS transactions. This has already played an important part in the Scan4Safety initiative. In addition, it is expected that the recently-published Cumberlege Report will increase the adoption of GS1 standards and associated processes (eg transactional exchanges using the Peppol Network) throughout the NHS. Scan4Safety has already been shown to improve patient outcomes and save money. Read more about GS1 here.

EDI Plus are in a great position to help Healthcare Suppliers and Customers to improve their processes. These improvements reduce overheads, and increase efficiency and compliance among all participants. Our electronic data exchange methodologies (including our Peppol service), and our vendor-managed inventory processes comply fully with GS1 (and therefore NHS) standards.

To find out more, please drop us a line (sales@edi-plus.com) or call us on 01752-327081.

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