Mandatory eInvoicing in Europe

Here at EDI Plus we’re working with increasing momentum to provide eInvoicing solutions. Growing numbers of countries throughout Europe are mandating eInvoicing, especially, but not exclusively, for Procurement within government bodies. We can provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for all organisations who now have to submit electronic invoices to such organisations, from the smallest, single-invoice requirements to regular high-volume submissions.


Most suppliers are aware of the need to use the Peppol Network for exchanging information with procurement teams within the NHS throughout the UK and, as registered Peppol Access Point Providers, we already provide numerous suitable solutions. 


But this trend is now extending quite rapidly. For example, all government bodies in Croatia will now only accept electronic invoices: we have provided appropriate solutions to numerous organisations in the UK and Europe who need to submit invoices to Croatian government and non-government organisations. Set-up is rapidly achieved ensuring that there is no consequential delay in obtaining payment and, when the set-up is complete, 2nd and subsequent invoices can be easily submitted whenever required as part of a company’s standard practice.


Because of the flexibility of our approach, we can provide requisite services to suit individual organisations’ needs and with very cost-effective charges for the service – this is usually an annual fixed price.


Mandatory eInvoicing is already in place in several European countries - Italy, Greece, etc - and we are aware that this trend is gathering pace over the next 12-18 months in many other countries - France, Spain, Germany, etc - using various methodologies and protocols. This means that increasing numbers of suppliers to these regions will have to provide invoices using these methods. 


If you have a need to provide electronic Invoicing and wish to discuss how this can be achieved, contact our Sales team by emailing or call us on 01752-237081.


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