Supplier integration and supplier portals

Integrate with
your Suppliers

Our range of EDI services help you trade digitally with all your suppliers, including e-invoicing, flexible hosted EDI and branded web portals.  Read more...

EDI integration with your customers

Integrate with
your Customers

For suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, our range of EDI solutions help you trade digitally with your customers, whatever your particular needs.  Read more...

e-Invoicing Solutions by EDI plus


Our range of e-invoicing solutions enable organizations to trade more efficiently with their entire supply chain, digitizing the whole quote-order-invoice process for both trade and non-trade goods.  Read more...

EDI plus are a PEPPOL Access Point Provider for Trusts

Peppol Service Provider for Trusts

EDI PLUS is a certified Peppol Service Provider that connects the NHS and their suppliers via a hosted EDI solution without the need for either party to change their systems.  Read more...

EDI plus are a PEPPOL Access Point Provider for Suppliers

for Suppliers

We help NHS suppliers connect with all NHS Trusts. We can offer solutions from full EDI to a Peppol Portal. No special software is needed. Read more...

Custom EDI Integration by EDI plus

Custom EDI

Not everyone has the same B2B integration needs. We can connect you using any format or communications method, via both traditional EDI or web services, and add data or messages that your ERP system cannot easily provide.  Read more...

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