Solutions to Common EDI Problems

EDI PLUS | Incompatible internal reference values

Problem: Incompatible internal reference values

Your trading partner and yourself may not recognise the same values for things such as Delivery Locations, or Product Codes.  Solutions…

Problem: Missing Details on Returned Documents

One trading partner may provide some particular values on source documents, which they want back on the returned documents. However, the other party cannot return those values.  Solutions….

EDI PLUS | No Import Capability

Problem: No Import Capability

You or your trading partner may not be able to import documents, such as Orders.  Solutions….

EDI PLUS | Required document types not supported

Problem: Required document types not supported

You may require more document types to be returned than your trading partner can produce - or vice-versa. Solutions….

Problem: Cost or service concerns

As your business has grown, the deal that suited you at first is now hurting. Solutions….

Problem: Variety of integrations is difficult to manage

Small suppliers can often struggle to cope with the different demands if they have several customers who want to integrate.  Solutions….

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