What is PECOS?

PECOS (Professional Electronic Commerce Online System) is a web based purchasing system which provides Purchase to Pay (P2P) processes.  It is used by a significant number of Scottish public sector bodies.  

You do not need any changes to your ERP system to connect with PECOS. The EDI PLUS service enables the seamless integration between your systems and your PECOS enabled customers.

Why choose EDI PLUS?

  • Fully managed, hosted service
  • Flexible any-to-any solutions
  • Very high customer satisfaction
  • 20+ years’ industry experience
  • Clear, transparent pricing
  • All data held within the UK
  • UK-based customer support

EDI Plus Ltd


Telephone: (+44) 1752 237 080

Do you need help connecting to a PECOS trading partner?

If, having looked at PECOS, you are thinking "there must be a simpler way than maintaining these facilities in-house ourselves" then contact us. Our EDI PLUS solution can meet all your trading requirements of your customers or suppliers but does not require specialist EDI software to be installed in your offices.