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Web Services

What are Web Services?

A web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices (Client and Server) using a standardised XML messaging system over the internet in HTTP.

A client invokes a web service by sending an XML message, then waits for a corresponding XML response from the server, in real-time.

As the messages are all in XML, web services are a good method for exchanging data electronically and are not tied to any one system or application.


Who uses Web Services?

Many customers, including the MOD, are increasingly moving to Web Services for their data communications method, to ensure security of their systems. The MOD in particular are seeking to move all supplier B2B integration over to using outbound HTTPS REQUEST from MOD.

We can support Web Service (HTTP POST) communications to the MOD, where required, complying with the CP&F Supplier Connectivity Specification used by Defence Business Services (DBS), providing you as a supplier with a simpler communications method such as FTP.

The following Inbound Message-Type Based Endpoints are required by the MOD:-

  • GetList

  • Download

  • Delete

  • Upload


Key Terms

  • Web services - XML and HTTP
  • SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol
  • UDDI – Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
  • WSDL – Web Services Description Language


Why choose EDI PLUS?

  • Fully managed, hosted service
  • Flexible any-to-any solutions
  • Very high customer satisfaction
  • 20+ years’ industry experience
  • Clear, transparent pricing
  • All data held within the UK
  • UK-based customer support

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