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What is AS2?

Business to business document exchange has been traditionally carried out using EDI standards via Value Added Networks (VANs). However, following the widespread availability of the Internet in the last few years, many companies have been seeking ways in which they can take advantage of the low cost communications and ease of access offered by the Internet in exchanging business documents with trading partners, whilst retaining the reliability and security offered by the EDI Value Added Networks.

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2), a secure messaging standard designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), meets this requirement. AS2 can be used to exchange structured business data securely using HTTP transfer at a fraction of the cost of exchange via EDI Value Added Networks.

How it works

Step 1
The business document is generated in the format agreed between the sender and the recipient.
Step 2
An AS2 server digitally signs and encrypts the document and sends the document over the Internet to the recipient.
Step 3
The recipient's AS2 server decrypts the document and checks the digital signature to confirm the sender.
Step 4
The recipient's AS2 server generates a message notification and returns it over the Internet to the sender's AS2 server to confirm receipt of the document.

AS2 data exchange provides all of the security and scalability benefits of the EDI Value Added Network at a significantly lower cost and at a much faster transfer rate.

Our EDI PLUS fully managed solution has integrated AS2 communications alongside traditional protocols. If you need to send EDI documents to your trading partner via AS2, we can help without the need for expensive software.


Why choose EDI PLUS?

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