EANCOM - EAN+ Communication

What is EANCOM?

EANCOM (EAN + Communication) standard messages were developed by GS1, with the support of GS1 UK and other national member organisation. EANCOM is a subset of the UN/EDIFACT standard (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport). From the EDIFACT message standards a subset of the segments was selected to form the EAN+.

EANCOM messages are equivalent of traditional paper business documents that cover master data setup, business transactions, financial documents and reporting.

Most commonly used messages in the EANCOM standard

  • ORDERS – Order
  • ORDRSP – Order Response / Confirmation
  • DESADV – Despatch Advice (ASN)
  • INVOIC – Invoice
  • RECADV – Receipt Advice
  • CREADV – Credit Advice
  • PAYMUL - Payment
  • PRICAT – Price Catalogue
  • INVRPT – Inventory Report
  • SLSRPT – Sales Report

Messages available in the EANCOM standard encompass the functions required to cover a complete trade transaction:

  • Messages which enable the trade transaction to take please, e.g. Price Catalogue, Purchase Order, Invoice, Credit Note etc.
  • Messages used to instruct logistic services to move the goods.
  • Messages used to settle the trade transactions through the banking system.


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